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Serengeti Kings

Short description of Serengeti Kings

The Serengeti Kings slot machine was developed by NetEnt. The slot is made in the Africa genre and is available for users of computers, phones and tablets. The slot machine has an unknown volatility and 96.1% RTP. The playing field consists of 5 reels and 40 lines. The minimum bet starts at $0.10 and the maximum goes up to $2.

The main features of the machine are .

Maximum win - 241:1 (multiplier to one bet).

Serengeti Kings Free Slot

January 2020 was full of events in the gambling industry. Many manufacturers pleased the players with the release of new products, although some did not succeed. NetEnt invited players to evaluate their game Serengeti Kings (Kings of the Serengiti) released on January 23, 2020.


If you thought this was just another checkpoint, slot on the theme of the abundant nature of Africa. We hasten to disappoint you, it is not. NetEnt has done a pretty good job of finally giving users a new gaming experience.


Brian Upton, director of games at NetEnt.


«Serengeti Kings (Kings of the Serengiti) skillfully combines classic graphics, innovative mechanics based on free spins. This makes the gameplay experience unforgettable as the players will be addicted to the game. We listened to the opinion of the regulators and made our unique "Buy Smart" feature customizable so that our operators have a flexible game for all their markets. Big release for us, looking forward to the success this game will bring!»


As you can see from Brian's statement, there will be a number of new features in the slot. Attention immediately turn to yourself the opportunity to buy a bonus game. And of course, the manufacturer's promise of innovative mechanics is of interest. With some assumptions, but in general, the developer succeeded.


And so, the game can give X4000 from the bet. The payout percentage ranges from 96.2% to 96.7%. This is due to the purchase of the bonus game. What else awaits us? Reading the review.

Slot Theme

«If you are brave, dexterous, skillful– the jungle is calling you This is how you can describe the theme of the game. The player enters the world of the beautiful nature of Africa, there is no wrong place on the world map as the Sahara Desert. And in the beautiful and colorful plains and jungles of the mainland. Where lions and panthers rule. It is these animals that will play a major role in the Serengeti Kings (Kings of the Serengiti). And the more of them, the better. Conservationists would appreciate this gesture of the developers.

Slot styling

Given the new features and the beautiful theme of the slot, one could count on unimaginable graphics. But no. NetEnt has made the animation quite restrained, albeit a good one. For example, at the moment of the sons of functions there is a change of day to night. Not the top of the computer graphics, but it looks great. The detailing of images of characters is not satisfactory. The level is above average.

Game mechanics

The company decided to take a more creative approach to the game mechanics, so they made the playing field according to an unusual 5X4 scheme for many (five reels and four horizontal rows). The number of lines in the slot is 26.


Winning combinations consisting of three or more symbols located on the active line bring winnings. The Wild symbol in the gameplay will replace any symbols except Scatters.


In general, everything is quite clear and familiar. Making your gray matter work is necessary to understand the work of additional functions.

Additional Functions

The slot has two main features Lion Spins and Panther Spins. The game starts with Lion Spins and then Panther Spins. The functions are activated alternately after 12 spins.


Each spin, all the Lion and Panther symbols that appear on the reels fill the corresponding indicators located on the left and right sides of the playing field. During the 12th spin, Lion Spins are activated. In this feature, all Lion symbols collected in the "Lion Counter" are randomly placed on the game board. The Panther Spins function works in a similar way.


  • If a Lion symbol is placed on top of a Panther symbol, or vice versa, a Wild symbol is created.
  • If a Lion or Panther symbol is placed on top of the same symbol or Wild symbol, this symbol gets a +1 multiplier.

Each betting line has an initial multiplier of x1. All multipliers on each winning betline are added to the initial multiplier, and any wins from that betline are multiplied by the resulting multiplier.

Bonus mode

Three or more Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the base game award 12 free spins.


  • If the free spins are triggered by 3 Scatter symbols, the free spins will start from 0 symbols in both the lion counter and the panther counter.
  • If the free spins are triggered by 4 scatter symbols, the free spins will start with the same number of symbols that were collected in the lion counter and the panther counter at the time the free spins were activated.
  • If the free spins are triggered by 5 scatter symbols, the free spins start with the number of symbols collected in the lion counter and the panther counter at the time the free spins are activated, plus 5 symbols in both the lion counter and the panther counter.

In Free Spins, all Lion and Panther symbols that appear on the reels are collected into a Lion Counter and a Panther Counter. On the last free spins, all symbols collected in both the lion counter and the panther counter are randomly placed on the reels after they stop. In this case, the symbol overlapping rule applies (the multiplier increases and a Wild symbol is formed).

Purchase bonus game

The player can buy the bonus game at any time. Three purchase options are available:


  • Standard game – starts with empty Lion and Panther counters. Matches three Scatters.
  • Average game – starts with accumulations of 4 symbols for Leo and 2 symbols for Panther. Matches four Scatters.
  • High Game – starts with accumulations in the Lion indicator of 9 symbols and Panther 7 symbols. Matches five Scatters.


The gaming Serengeti Kings (Kings of the Serengiti) left a good impression. Although at the beginning an overabundance of functions was a little confusing. But after a dozen rotations, in principle, everything became clear. An interesting solution to the forced activation of the Lion and Panther feature, every 12 spins. Of course, we cannot fail to note the "Buy Bonus Game" feature, which is new to the company.


In general, the game turned out to be good. It’s not even worth playing just to appreciate the company’s innovations. We recommend playing Serengeti Kings for free on our website.

Our opinion

NetEnt could not resist the general trend in gambling "Purchasing a bonus game". And he developed such functionality in his novelty. Naturally, the developer could not help but show individuality. He decided that the cost of buying a bonus will depend on the number of accumulated symbols. From our point of view, this is frankly an unnecessary option. Moreover, as practice has shown, in general, there is not much difference for what price to buy a bonus game, the result of the final multiplication does not change much.


In general, the slot is pretty good, but for some reason there is no desire to play it regularly. After a few days, he was no longer so interesting. Although it may be to the taste of a certain category of players.


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